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What is a Public Records Act request?

A Public Records Act request, commonly known as a PRA request, is a request from a member of a public for records from a Californian government agency. The California Public Records Act (the PRA) was enacted in 1968 to: (1) safeguard the accountability of government

to the public; (2) promote maximum disclosure of the conduct of governmental operations; and (3) explicitly acknowledge the principle that secrecy is antithetical to a democratic system of “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” For more information, please visit our PRA history webpage.

How do I submit a Public Records Act request?

In order to submit a PRA request, go to Make Request. For a step by step explanation on how to submit PRA requests, please view this tutorial video produced by the Public Records Act Unit of the County of San Diego.

Where can I view publicly available County of San Diego records?

There are two main locations to view publicly available County of San Diego records. First, many County of San Diego agencies provide record databases for public access, found here.

Second, previously submitted PRA requests can be found and viewed at this location.

Please view both locations prior to submitting your request to minimize unnecessary requests.

When will I receive a response?

Once you submit a PRA request, you will receive an automated response to the e-mail you entered confirming submission on your request. You will then receive an update with additional information once County of San Diego staff have had time to view your request and determine if responsive records exist. Based on the complexity of each request, completion times for each request will vary.

If you chose not to provide contact information with your request, the request will be posted publicly once it is completed. Please note, by not providing contact information the County of San Diego is unable to seek clarification on requests which may delay, or prevent completion of, your request.

I don't know which department to choose for my request, what do I do?

Please enter your request with as much detail as possible into the request text box. If the terms you use relate to existing department records, a yellow window should appear notifying you of possible departments to select. If you still do not see a department or don't know which department to choose for your request, leave it blank or email for help.


How long do requests remain on the portal after they are closed and released to the public?

Public Records Act requests and any records provided are removed from the platform 3 years after the request is closed.


Why am I not receiving email updates on my request?

Please check your spam/junk folder to see if the emails are being sent there. If you still cannot find your emails, log into your account and check your request to make sure that your email address was entered correctly. It is also possible that you are not receiving updates on your request as the department is in the process of fulfilling your request and has yet to provide any additional communication or documents to you.


Is this the website for City of San Diego Public Records Act Requests?

No, please visit

Contact Information:

For any other questions, please email